Each of our areas offers the
visitor a variety of things to
see and do during their visit.  
Shelters (Massillon below)
and playground equipment
(Cedar Valley above) are a
few examples.
County Parks and Natural Areas
Cedar County Conservation Board
The CCCB manages six parks and nine wildlife areas throughout the county.  Click
below to learn more about each of these areas and facilities available.
1.  Bennett Park                                                9.  Pioneer Park

2.  Cedar Bluff Access                                    10. Red Oak

3.  Cedar Bluff Wildlife Area                          11.  River Valley Wetland

4.  Cedar Valley Park                                      12. Rochester Park

5.  Hoover Nature Trail                                    13. Rock Creek Timber

6.  Massillon Park                                            14. Townsend Wildlife Area

7.  Mitzner Property                                         15. West Rochester Sand Pit

8.  Norton Nature Area