Live Animals
The CCCB has live animals that can be
used for our educational programs, like
the mallard ducks pictured above.
Helping Wildlife
Many of our hands-on programs allow
you to learn new things, enjoy nature,
and make items to take home.
Education Programs
Cedar County Conservation Board
The conservation board works with organizations, schools or any interested group
to help instill the conservation ethic in the citizens of Cedar County.

The mission of the Conservation Board's Environmental Education Program is to
increase the communities appreciation for and understanding of our natural
resources.  This objective can best be reached through quality educational and
recreational opportunities that are available and appealing to all ages.

We offer programs that promote the conservation and preservation of natural
areas, the wise use and treatment of the environment and support an
environmentally responsible citizenry in Cedar County.  

Field trips and in-school programs can be arranged upon request.  We cover a
variety of topics in the sciences and natural history.  

To schedule a program with our Naturalist, Sarah Subbert,
A.K.A. "Miss Sarah" please call the Cedar County Conservation
office at 563-886-6930 or e-mail at
Learn more about some of our
annual programs:

Halloween Event at "Vampire" Valley
Junior Naturalist Program
You can become a volunteer with the Cedar CCB.  If we have upcoming programs
you feel that you can contribute time to help with please call our office.  We can
always use helping hands at various programs like our fishing derby, Halloween
event, summer camps and many more!
A list of upcoming programs can be found in our quarterly newsletter
"Cedar Valley Visions."
The CCCB offers a variety of Field trips and in-school programs for you and your
students.  For more information on some of our more popular programs, which
National Science Education Standards they meet, how they fit into the new Iowa
Core Curriculum and what type of activities are available for certain topics, please
take a look at our
Program Guide.
Donate to our EE Programs!
We are in need of the following items:
  • Craft Supplies
  • 18 gallon (or larger)  totes with lids
  • Barn Boards, usable lumber