Outdoor Classrooms
Many programs can be done
indoors or outside.  We want to
help students learn about nature
first-hand and hands-on.
Program Guide
Cedar County Conservation Board
The following lists are not all inclusive.  We conduct programs on a wide variety of
topics each year and there are just too many to list! If you have a particular topic or
program idea in mind that is not listed, please contact the Naturalist to discuss your
request.  Let us know how we can help bring Environmental Education to you!

Programs I have facilitated include:  recycling, habitats, water, weather, rocks, fossils,
astronomy, plants, mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, fish, insects/invertebrates,
eggs, hibernation, Native Americans, pioneers, GPS, canoeing, fishing, and
snowshoeing.  We also have many live animals
:  four mallard ducks, three different
kinds of turtles, a salamander, American toad,
tree frogs, garter snake, compost
, Canadian night crawlers, pill and sow bugs, land snails, and two
Madagascar hissing cockroaches.

If there is a topic I could help you with, just let me know!  I love to create new programs.


Sarah Subbert
Cedar County Naturalist

office phone:  563-886-6930