For the Birds
A variety of wildlife can be
seen at River Valley.  This
woodpecker was taking
advantage of the feeders that
are hung at the bird blind
each winter.
The Big Bluestem (pictured
above) is just one of a variety
of native plants that can be
found in the prairie and
wetland habitats.  
River Valley Wetland
Cedar County Conservation Areas
area consists of a 5 acre wetland, river bottomland, and upland
areas with 25 acres converted into prairie and food plots.  A limited
hunting season is open from the last Saturday in October through
January 10th.  

No facilities are provided.

A Bird Blind offers viewing of the numerous species of wildlife found
in the area.  NO HUNTING is allowed from the Bird Blind.
Bird Blind
Reconstructed Prairie at Entrance
Click the map to view
an enlarged version
Map courtesy of Cedar
County's GIS
Poison ivy has three special leaves.  
middle leaf is symmetrical, main
vain being the divider)
look the
.  The other two leaves are
asymmetrical, meaning one side of
leaf looks different than the
other.  Click the picture to enlarge it to
see what I mean.